What are Dandeli River Rafting Timings?

Before you organize your Dandeli river rafting adventure, it is important to know the available times to make the most of your trip! The Kali river is generally open from September to June. During these months, there are two available times for rafters to take part in the excursion: the river is ready at 9 am for the morning batch of rafters, and the second batch begins at 2 pm.

Make sure you know what time works best for you, so you do not miss out on this thrilling adventure. Once you decide your optimal rafting time, we advise you to reserve your spot as early as possible to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Reminder, rafting is conducted in 2 batches:

  • Morning Batch: 9 AM – 11 KM – 4 Hours Duration
  • Evening Batch: 2 PM – 11 KM – 4 Hours Duration

Caution: If your river rafting time in Dandeli is not 9 am or 2 pm & less than 11 km, this means you have not booked your journey with our government-approved river rafting organization. Stay Aware and Stay Safe.

Dandeli River Rafting Price List

How much does white water rafting cost in Dandeli?

Spend your money on experiences and memories that you can carry with you forever and share with your friends and family. Things get lost, broken, stolen, or fall apart, but investing in a memorable adventure will never go to waste!

When it comes to creating memories, Dandeli river rafting is a perfect choice. It is a priceless experience from which you will create lifelong stories to keep in your heart and share with others. You will never forget the thrill of an outdoor adventure like this.

 Here is the cost of your next adventure: INR 1350/- for an official 11KM trip.

To make the most of your money, ensure that you are booking your trip with a trustworthy river rafting organization. This will allow you to feel secure in your investment, and you will get the adventure you bargained for. The dangers that accompany short river rafting are not worth any price!