Dandeli Bans Illegal Short River Rafting

The Kali River in Dandeli is a popular destination for white water rafting, but in recent years illegal short rafting has become a problem.

Unauthorized Short River Rafting Banned In Dandeli

In an effort to crack down on this activity, all unauthorized short rafting trips are banned. The Government of Karnataka made this decision after illegal short rafting caused several incidents of people being injured. In one incident, a rafter suffered severe injuries after being thrown from their raft and hitting their head on a rock.

Rafting companies need to have a valid license to conduct rafting in Dandeli; they need to be professional, certified rafters and must follow the safety regulations set by the state government. The Deputy Commissioner said that cases would be booked against anyone flouting the rules. This ban on short rafting trips will help to keep tourists safe; lack of safety regulations can lead to accidents and injuries, as we have seen.

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The Possible Consequences of Illegal Short Rafting

Think twice before you illegally raft down the Kali river; you could risk more than just receiving a fine. There are many potential consequences of unauthorized short river rafting in Dandeli, and here are only some:

1. You could end up getting swept away by the current

2. You could drown or get lost

3. You may be subject to legal action if you break the law

4. Your experience could be frightening, unenjoyable, or disastrous

Unlicensed River Rafting Guides May:

1. Fail to properly assess the river conditions, leading to dangerous situations for rafters

2. Fail to properly instruct rafters on how to safely navigate the river, which can also lead to dangerous situations

3. Be unable to adequately control their raft, resulting in rafters being thrown from it or into dangerous areas of the river

4. Be unresponsive to the needs of their rafters, which may cause rafters to feel unsafe or uncomfortable

5. Fail to properly maintain their rafts, resulting in rafts breaking down or leaking while on the river

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